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Wendy’s Candles

Eco-Friendly Soy Wax Candles in jars. Colourful and fragrant. All candles and wax products are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and all-natural.
Soy Candles made on the Sunshine Coast, in Bli Bli. Wendy makes in-store in the Bli Bli Village Town Centre.

Wendy’s Candle Gallery

Recycling and Refilling

Recycling glass jars, making new from old.
Exchange your old jars from Wendy at a reduced cost.
Fill glass jars, pottery containers, heirloom containers; your old jars or containers that you love refilled. Heirlooms making like new again.
Recycle jars to save money and the environment

Recycle and Refill

Diffusers and Oil Burners

Make your home smell amazing with a diffuser or oil burner.
We always have a variety of styles and colours.

Diffusers and Oil Burners


Stainless Steel jewellery for your neck, wrist and car. Have your favourite fragrance with you at all times.

Wendy’s Jewellery


Over 150 fragrances to choose from and more special “once only” fragrances in special jars and for you to have filled.

Wendy’s Fragrances


Wooden candle stands, hand made mosaic containers, hand made jewellery and more

Candle Accessories


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Wendy’s love of candle making goes back almost 10 years. Making at home and then to her very own store in Bli Bli

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