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Bold Candle Colours

Wendys Regular Candles

Over 150 fragrances to choose from

Wendy’s Special Candles

The candles she makes when the glass jars or containers are available

Candles of all shapes and sizes.
If it can have wax poured into it, fragrant or essential oils in the wax, Wendy can pour into it (and often does).

This is why they are special, limited availability
It’s just an object with wax poured into it so it smells nice.
If there is room to add a wick you have a fragrant soy wax candle.

Soy Melts that are used in oil burners. Replacing the often dangerous hot burning oil, Soy Wax has a low melting temperature so if an accident happens and the wax gets spilled it is easy to clean up.

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For any ideas or enquiries about having your containers filled please contact Wendy.